Gressenhall – Norfolk Museum Pass

Gressenhall is the third Norfolk museum we have recently visited and like the others I was really surprised at how good it was especially for kids. Gressenhall is a working farm and old workhouse so I knew straight away if nothing else my little-ones would love the animals but with an awesome adventure play park, slides tunnels and zip line and interactive holograms throughout even the youngest Crumbler was fully engaged!

We visited during Halloween half term as it’s now called in our house, not just a day folks no, now it’s a whole week long spook-fest. Mostly because of my tired weary forehead!
We really enjoyed following the ‘familiars’ trail which takes you through some of the buildings that otherwise I think you might miss given the size of the main building and activities to do. Then at the end in the learning center you can make your own paper ‘familiar’ we tried to make a mouse and apparently it’s a flying poo and turkey – not sure the last two would make the cut at Hogwarts.

Gressenhall is also home to a library and boast a whole heap of period artifacts some that haven’t even been catalogued yet. On event days and by appointment you can go in to look up relatives or even start your family tree investigations which I think is pretty cool. The kids really enjoyed looking for our family name and given the success of shows like Who Do You Think You Are’ @wdytya, I think a lot more people have taken an interest in their heritage.

Wilba loves dressing up so was never without a land girl hat or penny throughout our trip the boy loved the laundry house the best, especially tricking our unsuspecting friends into smelling vomit and soiled sheets, sounds gross! It was but for a 6 year old it’s wicked. The lunch was very reasonable £4 for a hot kids’ meal and drink is not bad at all and I must say the lady who makes the sausage rolls should be commended and is destined for GBBO.

Now Gressenhall does close this weekend for the winter but this post is timely because of the real reason we have been checking out the Norfolk museums recently which is the museum pass!
My friends have a large unconventional family and for a year pass to a single attraction they would be looking at about £75 each so for 2 adults and 2 children that’s a whopping £300 which is still cheaper than single entry if you use it enough but still leaves a big hole in the purse now what if you have 4 children and are a single parent ? That shoots up to £375.
The Norfolk museum pass gives you access to 10, yes Crumblers 10, spread over Norfolk so you get lots of choice and variety for your money. So how much is it? For 1 adult and children, yes that’s children… it’s £87.90. For 2 adults and children £97.20!
If you’re a student, on income support or Jobseeker’s it’s Just £38! I mean that’s bloody brilliantly isn’t it for unlimited access to the best museums in Norfolk.
Plus you also get:

  • Discounts on events, talks and tours as well as in the shops and cafes
  • Fast track admission at Norwich Castle
  • Regular emails about events and exhibitions
  • Treat your friends with an additional accompanied guests pass (optional extra)

What a great Christmas present this would be, basically the gift of always having somewhere fun to go with the funds are low, think of all those rainy days that could have been saved by the Norfolk museum pass – I urge you to get one today.

Head to for more information and to get your pass!