Hello and welcome to my blog!

Wowsers ‘My Blog’ hey, its very exciting eeekkkkkk and I’m really pleased you decided to join me and my tales of woe and whoaaaahhhhhh as I muddle through motherhood, work and life in Norfolk.

I’m Cookie, a thirty-something mother of two, teacher, small business owner and proud owner of two fur-babies and long suffering partner Andy.

I’ve started this blog after a number of my friends felt that my longish (always got told off by Mrs Burton in year 7 for waffling… whoops) posts could use a better outlet. So hopefully my honest and mildly amusing reviews of life in general will help put a smile on your face through one of the following: a) I’m glad it’s not just me, or b) I’m glad I’m not her!

The big stories (or mishaps) will feature on this site but for more daily chuckles, check out my social media pages.

Thank you and enjoy!

Cookie 🍪