British Tattoo Exhibition in Norfolk

British Tattoo Exhibition in Norfolk

The Norfolk museum pass must be the best yearly subscription for families in Norfolk ! 10 museums and constantly changing exhibitions and family activities.  I was kindly invited to the press launch of the latest exhibition ‘A History of British tattooing’ . I got to hob knob with the major of Great Yarmouth himself, who is a wonderfully jolly chap and pleased as punch that the exhibition, curated by The National Maritime Museum Cornwall has come to the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth.

1980s Tattoo Parlour
The Exhibition

British Tattoo Art Revealed offers a ground-breaking and comprehensive history of British tattooing featuring cutting edge designers, leading academics and private collectors.  With over 400 items on display, this is the largest gathering of original tattoo artworks, photographs and historic objects ever assembled in the UK.

Tattoo exhibition poster
British tattoo art revealed
Sisters hey!

Lucy ( The blister ) has been wanting a tattoo for years but me and Windy have always dissuaded her because of our own preconceptions. After this exhibition though and seeing the impressive 100 hands wall, I’m coming round to the idea! Might even get myself a little one, maybe a cookie? Just don’t tell the blister!

Time and Tide
Tattoo art at Time and Tide

The History

The exhibition tells a story that challenges long-standing myths and preconceptions about tattooing – in terms of class, gender and age – whilst also giving a voice to, and celebrating, the astonishingly rich heritage of tattooing as an art form in the UK.

Location, Location, Location

The maritime museum is the perfect venue for this exhibition. If your into tattoos, art or even if your not this exhibition is not to be missed. Its not just for sailors you know!

Fun for the kids
Whats On !

The exhibition is on until next March but don’t forget the museum is a great place for the whole family especially during the school holidays. They put on lots of lovely art and craft activities as well as trails and workshops.

For more information and prices head to the website. Have fun crumblers 

This wont hurt a bit!

* I’m pleased to say i’m an ambassador for The Norfolk Museums but as always my words are my own.