Chickenpox sucks and when timed with the first day of the Easter hols even more so! I was determined to throw everything at it to soothe my babes as quick as possible so we could resume our holiday plans.

Thankfully I had a lot of help from the Crumblers’ on my social media to find the best treatments and remedies to sooth my poor spotty monsters and keep them entertained. I tried out as many as I could and below you will read my honest account of what I personally thought worked best. This is excluding the most important treatment of course which is lots of cuddles, Netflix and snacks. Even modern medicine cant fill that void 😘.

At first we were really worried about the boy (he’s never ill) and he was complaining about being shy at my nieces’ birthday party. One look at my insta-grid shows our extrovert nature so this was difficult to process. Later we found him asleep upstairs in his bed.

Lethargic Behaviour

Prior to the spots your little-uns may seem out of sorts, tired and unwell. If this is out-of-character (as was the case for us), then just keep a closer eye on them.


That evening at bath time there they were… the spots! At first they just looked like pimples and could easily have been mistaken for heat rash. The Boy had them bad and was covered everywhere, and I mean everywhere!


The go-to remedy, and will always hold that top spot, helped a lot in the initial stages where they were feeling so miserable.

Keep Cool

Keep them cool, heat and sweat seemed to irritate them and make them more itchy.

Ice-Cream and Lollies

Both of mine got sore throats and the boy had spots on his tongue. Probably not the healthiest remedy but it helped my two!


This was great for relieving the itchiness and also made them a bit sleepy so they could nap. When they’re asleep they can’t scratch and can heal quicker! I’m not advising you drug your children to sleep but it was just a welcomed side effect!


This clear gel doesn’t smell and worked really well especially if you put it in the fridge before hand. The only issue I found was that it’s difficult to see where it’s been applied and the gel didn’t absorb that quickly.

Oats in a Sock

Put a handful of oats in a sock and place in the bath. This was really soothing and turned the bath a lovely milky colour and did it’s job. Although my two didn’t like the look of the sock so maybe do the bath then hide the evidence!

Calamine Lotion

A disaster and the kids hated it! It was difficult to apply and has that weird nasty smell. It’s not pink anymore but in my opinion didn’t prove much relief.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Another one for in the bath water. No silky feel this time to the water, it just made it look a bit cloudy. We used half a tub but didn’t really see the benefit and the bath was a bit boring.

Head and Shoulders

I kid you not this worked a treat. Added to the bath as you would bubbles, the kids still had a nice bubbly silky bath and it seemed to really help the spots. One night I teamed it with the oats and was onto a winner!


The most expensive of all the treatments at about £10 a bottle but well worth it in my opinion. It goes on like a fluffy moose, easy to apply and quickly absorbed. The moose provided instant relief which was amazing! Poxclin also claims to prevent infection.

I hope that was useful and if your children haven’t had chickenpox yet don’t forget to stock up as you are on lock-down as soon as the spots appear until they all scab over. Luckily I had my good old mum and sister on-hand to fetch supplies albeit from an arms length 😂😂😂😘.