Parenting 101

I lost it with the boy today! I’m not going to lie, it’s not been my finest hour.

It all started when I decided we would have a day at home after a series of days out as I needed to ‘get the house sorted’. I know what your thinking, therein lies the problem, I should know by now that 2 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat + wet day at home is a disaster waiting to happen, but after successfully smashing solo pool trip yesterday I got cocky.

Some of the highlights…
Breakfast refusal (standard) resorting to Peperami’s just so they would eat something very European 😂
Then came the usual clothing refusals. I’m sure my children are going to be naturists… Wilba is freakishly strong for her 18-month frame and managed to nearly wind me with a well timed tights kick to the throat. Clothes on, I went to put away the breakfast things, 2 seconds later, screams from the living room as Wilba has run over her brother with her sit in Mini Cooper. Right… time for the toy box. Toy box out I return to the kitchen, returning minutes later to a living room that looks like it has been visited by poltergeists 😱. I take a deep breath and get the colouring pens out and cover the table with rolls of paper as I set about clearing up the contents from the toy box in search of the floor. Smug, I return confident they wouldn’t be able to get pen on the wood. WRONG… I hadn’t considered the underside!!! Oh well no one will see it… however, they will see the Play-Doh that Wilba has rolled, stamped and spat out onto the carpet. Not to mention the nappy that was filled with magnetic sand! I kid you not, I mean it’s expected at the beach but how the hell did she get it through a baby grow, tights and a dress in our living room?

Undeterred I thought a yummy lunch would help matters and put my faith in Aldi’s Quick Cook Beef Stroganoff and Rice. It tasted delicious! I should know… I ended up eating all three 🙄.

With the house now looking like we’ve recently been robbed plus tears and tantrums every few minutes, I decide to drop everything and go out. Bono shoved in car, baby ruck-sack packed, wellies on and we’re off. For a few moments as the boy picked me daffodils all was well until he stood in the biggest pile of dog poo and then tried wiping it off WITH HIS HAND!! Arghhh… not a single wet wipe in my back pack! A compass, sweets, McDonald’s toy (there’s always one of them), a toothbrush, a piece of chalk, sand… but no wipes. Back at the car and with the baby more awake than a caffeinated clubber slinging Jagerbombs I detour to the garden center. Wilba sees her chance and makes a dash for it down the aisle and eludes capture for a good 2 minutes as I wrestle my way through the hanging baskets with the boy and Bono in tow.

Defeated I head home – the long way – and Wilba eventually falls asleep. Out of the car I go back to check on Wilba and slip on my pink crocs… only to find that someone had left me a present in one of them 🤢.

Completely defeated I lay on my war torn living room carpet, the boy brings me the flowers he picked me earlier, “these will make you happy again mummy”. Arghh… I’m the worst mum ever 😢😭! So with a deep breath I say, “yes gorgeous, they surely will!”

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