Aldi Baby Event

Little Bo Poop (as we affectionately call her) is now 7 days old and the blister is feeling the strain… A row of sleepless nights, sore nips and cabin fever can do that to a girl😂, but like all things it will pass and is pretty standard for a new Mum. I remember attempting a trip out to B&M on day three after a very traumatic birth with the boy and quickly returning home as I thought the floor was moving and I was on a space ship 🙃… maybe a bit too soon even for a a stubborn old mare like me! But my sister is a serial shopper, and likes nothing more than perusing the aisles however, as she’s only a week post birth she’s not really feeling up to clothes shopping, so I’ve suggested the next best thing to get her out of the house and back on the proverbial ‘clothes’ horse… the Aldi Baby Event.

If you follow my stories you know how much I love Aldi and their middle aisles of magic, so just think what goodies the Aldi Baby Event will have in store – I’ve already had a sneak peak at some of the bargains on offer. One of the issues the blister has is getting the right position for breast feeding, the luxurious Accent Rocking Chair for £149.99 (which sold out in less than a minute when it was launched in Aldi Australia) looks really comfortable and fits in well with her modern decor and love of grey… ’50 shades’ and Christian Grey have a lot to answer for… but it can also be converted to a modern armchair to make a beautiful addition to any nursery.

I find the quality of Aldi rivals most other supermarkets, we love cocktail sausages in our house so imagine my devastation when I purchased some from another store only to find they were full of air! A poor attempt at a sausage with probably more meat in the packaging – even Bono turned his nose up! Mungo wasn’t as fussy but still…

Anyway, back to the baby event… The Baby Highchair is a steal at £19.99 and the Nursery 3-Drawer Tower is also worth the money for just £12.99 and I’m sure the quality will be just as I’ve come to expect.

We all know (or as the blister is finding out) the first months of poo and puke are a daily delight so affordable Baby Sleep Suits are a necessity,  a 3-pack for just £5.99 is amazing value and the quality is great! The Boy’s Lily and Dan shoes are still going strong – I should know, as he repeatedly pummels the back of my driving seat on every journey!

There’s also a really cute Children’s Hooded Towel (£5.99) that I’ve got my eye on – perfect for Wilba after a swim, and if she gives me any fuss I’ll just turn it the other way round 😂.

The baby event is already available online but in store from Thursday. There’s lots of baby paraphernalia along with the usual faves and that’s not all that’s on offer – there are fabulous prices on clothes, food and more! It’s clear to see how Aldi scooped gold for its Mamia nappy range at the Mother & Baby Awards 2018 (for the fifth time in a row).

All offers are available while stocks last – as with all Special Buys – When it’s gone, it’s gone! Ill see you there… ready, steady, pack.

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