Festival Essentials: Campingaz Party Grill 400

As soon as it arrived in the post I was quick to try out the Campingaz Party Grill 400 in my garden before we headed off to Camp Bestival later in the month. I didn’t want to arrive an not know how the grill worked and Andy never reads the instructions, however I needn’t have worried a bit… the gas was easy to attach, it lighted first-time and cooked my ‘tester’ salmon a treat! It has so many attachments in its condensed frame and takes just seconds to put together with just 3 screw-in legs. Plus it packs down into an easy-carry bag which has room for two small gas cylinders. For a first impression I was really pleased!

Following the success of my test-run I was entertaining the thought of stir-fry’s and all sorts of deliciousness for the festival. Sadly that was never to be as the Great British summertime had other ideas, but that being said it never let me down the whole weekend whatever the weather threw at it.

My friends offered to cook first on their stove, it was larger and looked very impressive, but after struggling with the gas attachment we decided to start the food off on mine, we easily cooked the BBQ sausages evenly and to perfection in the griddle. Next up was the necessary teas and coffees in the morning, which were needed after a few too many celebratory g and t’s for getting our tents up before night-time. I’d forgotten to pack the kettle but used the Vango saucepan I’d bought to boil the water in and again the party grill came through with ease.

It’s next task was pasta for the kids as my friend cooked curry on her stove. I blasted through 10 portions of pasta and still had gas to spare which was lucky as again the Campingaz was called into action as the other (larger) stove ran out. The wind was starting to pick up so I lowered the plate, which worked really well, then continued to fry chapattis on the stove.

The next day I did need to change the gas as more coffee was definitely called for, but with one click it was done and ready to go into action with scrambled egg and bacon wraps. The stove is so powerful it cooked the 10 strong eggs with ease and the dial allows you great control over the heat so I didn’t even burn them 👍

A quick field wash and the grill was ready to go again. The design allows any drips out the bottom and it’s easy to wipe clean. The gang returned from the festival cold and wet as the weather had really taken a turn for the worse. I’m not kidding… we had gale force winds, driving rain and I thought my little grill wouldn’t be any use in these conditions and was about to throw in the towel. However, I gave it a go and put on some hotdog sausages so at least we’d have had something to warm us all up. I did have to put the gas up high for this one but once lit there was no stopping it and again I boiled the water on the lowest setting without any issues. I couldn’t believe it it had surpassed its competitors and the weather which eventually closed the festival!

I may have not have had the chance to go all Mary Berry this time, although I did get to see her on the main stage playing drums for Rick Astley… I kid you not 😆
But I have every confidence in this stove continuing to be an essential part of our camping trips. It really was amazing and deserves its 5 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 cookie rating 😘.

Check out your nearest camping store or have a look online https://tinyurl.com/y7su8ekx