The Wonderful World of BeWILDerwood

I love going on day trips with the kids… as a farmers’ daughter we never had a proper holiday because of the harvest so day trips were what we did. I have literally been to every attraction in Norfolk over the years and BeWILDerwood is the jewel in Norfolk’s crown. Why? Mainly because there’s just no where else like it.

A Magical World

It’s based on characters and events from the book ‘A Boggle at BeWILDerwood’ with numerous areas dedicated to Boggles and Twiggles. It’s a treetop adventure made from raw materials and embedded within the natural surroundings, so refreshingly UN-commercial – not a plastic grabber machine or ride on animal in sight. It’s magical!

Your journey starts with a boat ride down the Dismal Dyke whilst being treated to a brief introductory story from the enthusiastic boat-driver before meeting Mildred.

Loads To Do

Once in the park there are loads of different areas to visit, our favorites include the Sky Maze, a tree-top medley of walk-ways, ladders and obstacles where you have to find your way to the crows-nest collecting clues as you go.


We love the Storytelling Stage where the storybooks are brought to life with the help of puppets and dress-up. They usually have about 3 shows a day starting from 12pm so it’s perfect to time these with a spot of lunch or an afternoon snack. The Twiggle Team get the kids involved from the get-go and even the most timid can be seen donning a bat costume or Boggle waistcoat proudly.

BeWILDerwood Broken Bridge

The Broken Bridge is the next challenge and the boy loves to tell people how he jumps over the gap and beats Daddy down the slide. That’s the other brilliant thing, you are actively encouraged to join in the fun whatever your age. When we visited on Mother’s Day they were having a Mum’s vs kids zip-wire race (the mum’s won of course) and racing your kids down the Slippery Slopes is a must.

Big Hat

We also love the Big Hat as there’s always a different craft activity going on. We still have lanterns that we made two years ago for the Halloween event. Everyone was invited to join in a candle-lit lantern procession around the park as dusk started to settle. I’ve also got a key ring and various head-wear made during other visits 😂 which you know I love!

Friendly Faces

The staff are all extremely friendly and well-versed in BeWILDerwood facts with every last detail carefully thought out. Even marketing and external communications stay true to the story – it’s such an immersive experience and fantastic fun.

We went on a really misty rainy day (which I know puts some off) but it didn’t matter at all – in fact it made the marshes look more mysterious and meant we got loads of goes on everything, although there’s so much to do we’ve never really gone and had to wait for anything – apart from the face-painting, but when it’s FREE – yes folks, FREE, you don’t mind waiting a few minutes while you enjoy a coffee or giant hotdog (which I can recommend).

The whole park feels really safe too. They provide you with wristbands on entry so you can put your details on – should anyone wander off. Since our first visit they have added loads and there’s other plans on the horizon too as well as a new look Toddler-Wood area which we hope to try out with Wilba on our next visit.

If you’re a big kid with adventurous children who love climbing, sliding and generally having an awesome time, or just a big kid without children (borrow some if you must) then this is the place for you – You won’t regret it!

For more information or to book BeWILDerwood tickets, check out their website.

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