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Wilba trying out some wheels

little blonde girl on bike
Wilba trying out some wheels

Cycling Lessons

So the school holidays have started and I’m hoping for some dry weather so we can get the bikes out, fresh air in our lungs and hopefully some progress on my long awaited Beyonce bum!
Wilba’s not taken to her bike as quick as The Boy so I might pop down to see my mate Jon for some cycling lessons. John created Little riders UK as he was frustrated that if you wanted your child to learn how to swim, you could take them to swimming lessons. However, for cycling there was no similar options.
So he set up Little Riders UK to help more children learn how to ride a bike safely with as little stress as possible for both rider and parent.
Jon works with Children a lot and is great with them, I’ve seen this first hand.  He also has his own, so is no stranger to the valuable lessons that he can use to help other children. He’s developed a series of courses which help children develop the fundamental skills required to ride a bike, including: balancing, steering, breaking and pedalling.
They teach these skills by removing the pedals, so children feel safe and in control of the bike whilst developing their balance on the bike. Only once they have mastered their balance and control of the bike do we they add the pedals back on to the bike and teach pedalling.
boy on bike
Little Riders uk

Whats available?

They currently run the following courses:
  • Balance Bike Course (3-4 years) –  Our Balance Bike course (4 x 45min sessions) is designed specifically for children aged 3-4 years old who want to take their first step towards learning how to ride a bike.
  • Learn to Ride Course (4-8 years) –  Our Learn to Ride course (4 x 1hr sessions) is designed specifically for children aged 4-8 years old who would like to learn how to ride a bike with pedals independently. 
cycling lessons
Jon and one of his little riders

Find out more?

All cycling lessons are currently held in Cringleford either at the Primary School (Learn to Ride) or the Willow Centre (Balance Bike).  Thanks to Pedal Revolution they have a fleet of bikes and helmets which children can borrow if they don’t have their own (or like me, forget them/cant fit in the boot)
Over the last 18 months they have taught over 200 children to ride their bikes.  If you would like your child to attend one of our courses then check out the website for further information and details of upcoming courses.
and in the meantime don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and/or Instagram for useful hints and tips.
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