Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

It’s not you, it’s me. I’m sorry I haven’t been as present lately but well there’s someone else…

I just can’t help myself, he is so mobile friendly and who doesn’t love a good picture? Don’t get me started on stories, yes I know you have them too but well, it’s just different with him.

You started to share ad’s all the time and posts that were relevant to me seemed to get lost. Plus I’ve made loads of new friends with him who really support me and my creative, crazy ways.

I’m not saying it’s over though, There are glimpses of our old relationship. When I see the photos of friends’ kids, weddings and holidays. The groups I’m in and that lush antique chesterfield sofa I want for sale just up the road. Discovering the occasional article that I wouldn’t have without you. I mean you have always been good for a laugh and don’t get me started on Time-Hop… sorry,  I mean Memories. Where would I be without you reminding me of what went down at my birthday party 3 years ago or the gorgeous baby picture of my two little monsters, but I’m struggling to find time for you and when I just use you just to organise a social event I can’t help feeling I’m being unfaithful.

So for now Facebook, I’m going to really try to spend some more time with you but I’m not going to lie it’s getting difficult and I can’t ignore my wandering eye 😉😘.

X Cookie X