100% Fearne Cotton

So, today started like any other day… wake up the troops, get everyone dressed, fed, watered and out of the house… but it wasn’t just any day, today I would be travelling to LONDON! I would be escaping the Norfolk countryside (well trying to, getting out of Norfolk is like wriggling out of a Thursday night PTA meeting) to meet Fearne Cotton at the Boots Mini Club SS18 Launch Event.

I was as giddy as a school girl on mufty day… so excited that I woke up at 4.30am to get ready. I think Wilba was initially quite confused at the stranger waking her, “That’s not my mummy, my mummy has dark circles under her eyes, a blotchy face and a morning ‘fro that would rival the most discerning rapper.” Undeterred I threw the kids in the car, dropped the boy off at my friend’s (who is far to good for me) and proceeded to bleep my way through the morning rush hour… i-i-i-d-d-d-i-i-i-o-o-o-t-t-t!!!!

At the station I struggled with the new-fangled parking app and was ready to give up, but the thought of meeting ‘The Cotton’ at my first proper blogging event spurred me on… as did the parking attendants hasty approach in the distance 🙄 I thought I’d made it but then Ruth, my partner in crime and person responsible for making the dream a reality got stuck. After ticket troubles, some stern words and aggressive gesturing to the rail staff I thought we were home free – but alas she then got stuck again at the gate. I contemplated leaving her there so that I would get Ms Cotton all to myself and maybe double up on the goodies 😉 but as I watched her jump up and down in her mum’s coat like a frustrated grey llama I selflessly shouted for help. On the train things were much calmer and we turned our attention to the job in hand. The Boots Mini Club range is renowned for its practical, comfortable yet fashionable lines and in my experience washes up a treat… or so Andy says 🤣. It’s also very competitively priced which is great considering my kids seemingly grow like weeds. The calm didn’t last though as once in London I was faced with an army of ant like humans lined up going in every direction – and all seemingly with Ruth’s mum’s coat on… “Marco”… “MARCO”… you’re supposed to say “Polo” (who doesn’t know this 🙄). Thankfully we made it out alive and together, despite some minor undercarriage dampness and major armpit patches!

I’ve never really met anyone very famous, not unless Diesel from Gladiators counts, so meeting some of the big mummy bloggers literally blew my baggy Primarni socks off. After some very embarrassing fan-girling circa 1980 BROS moments I calmed down enough to lead an organised school-trip worthy line of bloggers to the spring restaurant in Somerset house. Cue second mini meltdown… handsome chap took my coat, offered me a drink and served me tiny crab balls on a posh plate. Note to self: your only supposed to take one and not try to wrestle the plate from the waitress’s hand😬. After more socially awkward moments I looked down at Wilba who wasn’t fazed at all by the grandeur of the situation, she had already kicked off her shoes and was pulling on the Boots Mini Club Paw Patrol wellies before making a dash for it.

The new Spring/Summer collection is awesome… the boy would look great in the ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ collection. There are crocodile tops, toucan tee’s and my favourite, a gecko hoodie that would suit the most adventurous explorer. The girls’ ‘Pretty in Pastels’ are blooming lovely and have lots of appliqué flowers which seem to be everywhere right now. The denim shorts are so soft as they use jersey fabric and everything has adjustable waists! (which I think more adult designers should take note of 😂 it would help the environment hugely as I wouldn’t need quite so many doggy bags).

By this point Wilba had decided that she would try and do a runner with the merchandise (definitely my daughter) so she made a run for it into the spring restaurant, as I bent down to grab her thieving mits I looked up through my sweaty, tube station quaffed hair to the vision that was ‘The Cotton’. “Ahhhhhhh you’re Fearne Cotton! (thank god I didn’t say Britton). Oh my god it’s Fearne Cotton, Wow, Hello, you’re Fearne Cotton” 🙄😬 Why the hell did I tell her her own name… she knows it! Pull yourself together Cookie! Despite my crazy she posed for a selfie and was genuinely lovely, really warm and friendly, passionate about her new line and completely down-to-earth.

Meanwhile, all this time Ruth had been panicking where I was as Fearne was then about to make her entrance! She needn’t of worried… plus I even got an accidental clap as I walked in just in front of her after holding her up with my fan-girl wafflings.

Fearne’s range is full of pastels and greys with bold patterns and cat inspired prints, there’s some really clever pieces like the reversible hoodie, great if you can’t be arsed to pack a spare outfit or end up having to squeeze your 1 year old in to a 0-3 month onesie as you’ve been too lazy to update the bag. I really like the cat cap and positive quotes that embellish lots of the pieces, you can never empower your little ones enough in my mind. It’s a big scary world out there full of terrifying escalators, crammed tubes and tiny posh food etiquette. So best they be dressed to impress!

The new SS18 Boots Mini Club range is out now as well as Fearne for Mini Club. The range goes up to 6 years which is great especially for the boys as I think there’s a definite gap in the market there! Check it out with 3 piece tee’s at just £14 – you’d be crazy ‘cat lady’ mad not too!

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Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review.