Shreks Adventure London – Light Fury Landing

London and Kids

When I lived in Bedford and a thirty minute train journey away, I rarely traveled to London. Now living in Norfolk, three hours away and with two live barnacles I seem to be there most weekends. Whats with that! Well I’ll tell you, there’s so much brilliant stuff for kids to do and experience you would be mad not to.

DreamWorks most recent London attraction Shreks Adventure doesn’t fail to disappoint. Nestled on the South Bank of the River Thames next to the London eye its easy to find and so close to lots of other lovely stuff if you’re making a day of it. After the long car journey we were ready to soak in all the capital could offer, but not until our fabulous morning at Shreks Adventure.

How To Train Your Dragon

We visited especially to see the brand new Light Fury Landing exhibit which is situated in the interactive arrivals hall after you have journeyed around Shreks storytelling adventure. We haven’t seen the new film yet (I say yet, because that’s all they’re now talking about) but we’re firm fans of the first two movies. In fact we love all the DreamWorks movies especially ‘Penguins of Madagascar’. There’s something wonderful about a film that has the power to reach any age group and make them laugh. The new exhibit takes you to the Isle of Berk in all its luminous glory.


Skreks adventure is the only place in the UK you can see the characters from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and also pick up some rather awesome merchandise. The legendary Light Fury is joined by everyone’s favourite dragon Toothless, along with the Viking Chief of Berk, Hiccup. Wilba was in awe as she looked up at the white light fury towering above her, before attempting to eat one of the crystals! Thankfully my other little Viking who was now brandishing his very own handmade shield was on hand to save the day.

Shreks Adventure

Shrek’s Adventure itself is just brilliant and the attention to detail is phenomenal. It combines live action, iconic sets and even a 4D bus tour with Donkey. I’ve loved Eddie Murphy since I was a teenager and his cheeky narration never fails to raise a smile.

What’s it like?

Shreks Adventure is perfect for those aged 3-12. Wilba is only 2 but loved every minute. The only slight issue was holding the 3d glasses on her tiny head, but toddlers with a thicker barnet to squidge the glasses into wont have a problem, I cant help that I’ve created a tiny troll look-a-like. The adventure is fully immersive and both mine were selected to do various jobs along the way which they obviously loved, given they’re as shy and… ahem, retiring as me! Familiar characters from the Shrek franchise greet guests along the way; Cinderella in Shrek’s Swamp, Puss in Boots and the Muffin Man. Our favorite was Esmeralda, she was a hoot and what an amazing actress! We also really liked the multiple choice game to try and save poor old Pinocchio.

Fear Not !

The boy (not Wilba) got a bit scared when the witches appeared and I must admit when my backside started to move in the dungeons. I had to remind myself that they were special effects and not the real thing (I wont spoil the surprise of what was making my bum jiggle!) but that was all part of the fun. Not to mention I got some extra cuddles which cant be bad, before we all got some extra special cuddles with everyone’s favourite ogre!

It was definitely worth the drive and I would highly recommend. Have a Shrek-tastic time Crumblers.

How to Book

This OGRE SIZED experience lasts for approximately 75 minutes. This one of a kind misadventure explores 12 laugh-out-loud fairy tale themed live shows, incorporating actors, captivating storytelling, special effects and extraordinary DreamWorks animation that allows you to see, hear, touch, smell and feel the adventure, with a good dose of Donkey’s cheekiness along the way. For more information and to book tickets head to where you can also find discounted tickets on other Merlin attractions throughout the city.


Just so you know, we were not paid for this review but were kindly gifted tickets.