The Bridge – Wroxham

After a fun-packed Mother’s Day running around BeWILDerwood with the Twiggles and Boggles we decided to treat the ‘mum’s’ to a meal out.
The Bridge restaurant in Wroxham ( is relatively new and sits right on the Broads just after the Wroxham bridge. It’s an American Diner and has oodles of 40’s nostalgia, from the pink bumper car (which Wilba spent most of the evening in), to the upstairs bar complete with pink and blue diner chairs, under bar lighting and Marilyn decor. The views from downstairs are amazing, mainly due to the floor to ceiling windows and the tables are placed spaciously so you don’t end up in another diners’ dinner!
The food is typical American Fayre with burgers and hotdogs galore – and the most amazing indulgent milkshakes! My sister had Reese’s Pieces which was gorgeous as too was the Kinder Bueno – they also do alcoholic versions too! There are some other choices on the menu too, with my dad sticking to tradition and opting for the bream (fish) with potatoes. The best bit for us was the chips, they were unbelievable and I could have eaten them all day… unfortunately I left my joey pants at home! Kids can have half portion meals of anything in the menu with a drink and ice cream for £8.50, but as both mine only drink water and won’t eat a whole ice cream (they’re my kids honestly) we just ordered a main hotdog for £9 and halved it. The mains are fairly priced at around £12, good sized portions and come with the amazing chips as sandard. The desserts start from about £6 and again are generous and oh so scrummy. My only reservations were that after a 45 minute wait for our desserts we were promised a refund for them. By that point the kids were tired so we really didn’t enjoy them and the kids only had a couple of mouthfuls too. Had we got the refund I would have been more than happy with the service but when the bill came they had only taken off two drinks. When I questioned this the waiter said the manager took off a “round of drinks” instead (which equated to 2 soft drinks)… hmmmmmm not very good! It might also be wise to get a table away from the kitchen and loos as I think one of the chef’s fancies himself as a bit of a Gordon Ramsey 😃
That being said I would definitely go back as the American style food was excellent, beating most American joints I’ve been to by far – especially the chips – have I mentioned the chips? I’d give The Bridge in Wroxham a score of 4 Cookies! (out of 5)
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