Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure is a local family attraction near Lenwade, Norfolk ( We’ve been lucky enough to have had season tickets for the last 4 years (thanks mum) but now the boy is at school it’s Wilbas turn to join in the fun.

There’s lots more than the dinosaurs and slide that I remember when I visited as a child… ahem… over 25 years ago, but it’s retained its charm and the customer service is great! Prices change slightly depending on the seasons – as do the activities that are open. The majority of attractions are open during weekends and school holidays apart from the splash zone (don’t forget to pack your kids’ swimmers and a towel – you will probably near a spare top too) but you wouldn’t want to be using it in the cold anyway brrrrrr!!On entering the park you can have your photo taken for about £10 which you can take home as a dino photo-shopped image or magnet. The park consists of a dino trail, animal area, large indoor play, extensive outdoor play areas including a maze, slides, under 5’s area and giant dino slide – which has been there since I was a kid 😀. There’s also mini golf, go karts – both pedal power and token powered (free), and for the older ones a new high ropes type activity which is currently under construction.

The park now has 3 places to eat, there are two cafe/diners, one which is within the indoor soft play and gets very busy on wet days and a new steam-punk themed more upmarket restaurant which I’ve not tried yet as is currently only open at weekends. There’s lots of places outside to have a picnic and an unheated sheltered area. However on quiet days the staff don’t seem to mind if you’re indoors and I always get a coffee to keep a clear conscience. There lots of interactive activities with the animals which you can schedule into your day and dippy the park mascot usually makes an appearance. The toilets are dotted around and I’ve never had to queue (thank god if your mummy bladders are anything like mine) and both restaurants have microwaves for heating up baby food and milk.

I usually start with the indoor play as this gets rammed at lunch then I do the walk and farm side. You can get a trip on the Land Rover to see the deer which is nice as a one off but there is a few quid charge and when you’ve done it you’ve kinda done it unless your a real deer enthusiast. I do the park last and the new archaeological dig which has had a revamp and really accessible for all and has ground and raised platforms. The shop is as you imagine located at the exit and is seemingly unavoidable but you can come through the entrance bit if you want to avoid the “can I have, can I have” saga. If you do the trail there’s collectible medals up for grabs and again the park staff are great if you haven’t collected them all or have tried to cheat by smudging the same stamp (come on you’ve all done it) – they don’t judge you and they still give you the medal👍. The shop does have a good range of pocket money toys as well as the more expensive items so it’s not too bad.

They do lots of special events through the year so if you do get a season pass there’s always a new trail to try or activity and it’s very reasonable if you’re going to be going more than 4 times a year. All in all it is a great day out and a great family attraction. From the hand painted artwork around the park to the friendly staff you get a real sense that everyone really takes pride in working there and wants you to have a good day, I give it a strong ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – it only loses one star as is quite pricey (but you do get a lot for your money) if you haven’t got a season pass and the food is OK.. Unfortunately they don’t take Tesco club cards anymore but follow their website for special discount days like Halloween and Father’s Day. It really is roar-some👍

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