Back to Work/School Blues ? – 13 Things you can do

Hi There, fellow Crumblers.  I recently put up a Stories Post Question on my instagram asking my awesome followers things they do if there having a ‘Dip” day and feeling a bit blue. We all have those days and it can be difficult sometimes to shake it off, no Taylor Swift pun intended.  I am by no means a professional or therapist just a Mum doing her best like all you parents out there. I just thought it might be helpful to share all your ideas together somewhere for others to try. Thank you if you were one of the many contributors i had to group them as there were so many,  here we go……….

1.Get out

For a change of scenery , a walk in the country , or even round the block can give you that head space to reset. Some of you said have a good scream in a field ( Norfolk entries I assume not sure you could get away with this in central London) You could even walk to the shop to feel less guilty about number 2,

2. Treats

Chocolate, Ice cream, cakes , pasta, cookies were just some of your suggestions along with wine lots of wine😂 and my Nan always use to say “a little of what you fancy does you good”. The professionals seem to think it better to ‘eat well’ when your feeling down and drink lots of water as the nutrients will help you to regulate your mood. So maybe a healthy sushi platter followed by a tub of Ben and Jerry’s is the answer 😂

3. Sing

If music be the food of love play on …..or whack up absolute 80s in the car with the windows down ( my personal fave) but whether it’s one direction ( questionable choice there, I won’t reveal who’s 😂) led Zepplin or Shania and Whitney, (just maybe stay away from the tear jerkers) even if you don’t know the words!  Singing and humming along as loud as you can seems to help

4. Exercise
This came up loads from running alone to a run with the dog , yoga , swimming , exercise was one of the most common ways you beat the blues and it’s scientifically proven with all those endorphins being released.
5. Furry friends
We’re a nation of pet lovers and there was lots of references to taking the dog out even borrowing a friends dog to go for a walk and have a snuggle. Bono can vouch that this suggestion is well reciprocated by both sides😂🤗
6. Films
One of my friends swears by going to a movie alone, she loved it so much she got a part time job there which has benefited her two fold, all the movies she can muster and some extra cash, but for those without the desire to dish out popcorn to randy teens maybe take the time to watch a classic ( even in the middle of the day *gasp) or a Disney movie for some big screen feels.
7. Positive Mindset
Easier said than done, I hear you cry,  but I loved the responses which said
‘Know that it will pass’ and ‘visualise a time when your in a really good mood’
They say happiness is a state of mind so maybe telling ourselves it’s going to be ok will pull us through . Sportsmem and Women visualise themselves achieving their gold medal or next victory as a way of motivating training and its proven to improve performance, so be your own cheerleaders and give it a go.
8.Random acts of kindness
I love this suggestion “ Do something for someone else” what better way to get the good juju floating around the planet 👍😘
9. Reach out
Ring a friend , send a text , go round for a coffee , call your mum or someone you haven’t seen in a while . We’re social animals and a good ear and a chat/rant is sometimes what you need.
10. Dance
Here’s those endorphins again , and yes i know what your thinking, I teach dance , but this was a genuine suggestion from you guys . Dancing like a wally around the kitchen or with your kids or maybe even taking a class with your partner could lift your mood if not just by laughing at his two left feet
11. Journal
Writing is always very Cathartic but a journal can help you track your mood , and reflect on the days , or months in the year that its effected the most which might help you anticipate them and combat them in the future!
12. Smell
Smell something good. A bit of a weird one when i first saw it but then i thought about my ritual box of roses sniff every Christmas!  Then theres baby heads, bread , cookies, petrol ……
13. Plan
Lastly another personal fave. Update your calendar so you can see all the things your looking forward to and if it’s looking sparse get some booked in they don’t have to be expensive or exotic holidays just time with people or places you love.
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