January Diets

If you follow my Insta Stories you’ll remember I had a run in with Brenda last week. “Brenda” is from Slimming World. She’s an eager rep for the ‘get slim for 2019’ cause who decided to go door to door on the day after Boxing Day to canvas for her group meetings for no other reason than to pass on the love and enlightenment that she had found by being a member of slimming world (cough cough) and as it would happen walked up the drive of my 69 year old Mother. Bog off Brenda!

You’ve not even let the dust settle on the birth of Christ before you’ve decided to capitalise on our festive overindulgence. In fact I’ve heard that one over-keen “Brenda” thought she would go door to door on the night reserved for the big man himself… Father Fudging Christmas! I don’t think he’s ever been to one of your meetings but if he had it’s not bloody working Brenda.

Everything in Moderation

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t about healthy eating and exercise, I trained as a PE teacher so I know the importance and the obesity crisis our country is facing but one of the most important things about diet is balance. And yes, in January I will be trying to eat a bit less and do a bit more but not because I’ve signed up to a pricey slimming club.

For a start after Christmas and the bigger than usual shop (Black Forest Gateau ain’t cheap you know) I’m skint and I’ve got my own scales thanks Brenda. But mostly because I’m balancing it out – I ate too much over Christmas so this month I’m going to cut back. I do the same at Easter, one too many Cadbury’s mini eggs means the following weeks I have a few more salads and leafy greens, heck, sometimes I’ll just have a bad day and will emotionally eat, plummeting to the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie before the opening credits of Bridget Jones’ Diary have even finished, but you know what, the next day I won’t and I’ll try to do a bit more exercise.

Beige buffet at a family get together I’ll try to eat all the colours of the rainbow the following day! It’s not always easy and doesn’t always work but I’m not going to punish myself over it and I’m not going to spoil important family holidays because I’m stressing about my weight. That will do more harm to my mental state than a few extra prawn volovants will do to my hips.

Find the Solution That Works

We’re all different, I get that, and some need the structure of the Slimming World style plans to achieve their goals. I have friends that go to Slimming World and they swear by it which is honestly brilliant and if it helps them I’m thrilled. I’m just against the intense marketing at this time of the year.

I don’t think there is one person I know that hadn’t heard of Slimming World so your previous marketing strategy’s have worked, the A frame sign outside the community hall, the online presence, the testimonials and even word of mouth but charging up the driveways of pensioners is a step too far! At least wait until January when you might have got a warmer reception. But To pray upon us so forcefully when we are feeling our lowest (blue Monday doesn’t fall on 21st January for nothing you know.) It’s really not necessary and can be quite damaging

So Brenda keep fighting the good fight, keep supporting those that need your help to live longer and healthier lives but also maybe have a little rethink about your marketing strategy especially at this time of year! You might say it’s Synful!

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  1. Emma (Sharing our Learning) 06/01/2019 at 3:19 pm

    Couldn’t agree more my dear! Let’s hope it’s food for thought for a few people/organisations!