Comb Down, Comb Down!

They say bad things happen in 3’s, but in our house it can be 3’s, 4’s or double bloody figures. In the last 48 hrs Bono ate a whole chicken carcass causing us to have to move his operation, he’s also got fleas, i then come down with the winter vomiting virus and spend the night hugging the bowl, when just as I start to feel a little bit less like an extra from waking dead 💀 the boy returns from school with (drum roll)……NITS !!! I screech downstairs to Andy who speeds off for lotion to kill the little vermin “what” asks the boy “you’re not going to kill them are u mummy?” And with no hesitation like an extract from pulp fiction i say quite insanely “Yes, I’m gonna execute every last mother bleeping one of them!” Bless him, he looked shocked but my tone meant that there were no further questions or suggestions of new pets. The light at the end of the tunnel of this epic saga is that @fullmarks lice treatment is bloody good. I remember when I got nits as a child with waist long thick hair. I was crying, Mum was crying not to mention choking on the fumes as we waited an hour for the stuff to burn through my scalp! Full Marks is a clear liquid which takes just 5 mins before combing out and shampooing, it’s got the consistency of baby oil and no smell. I can highly recommend it for days like these!

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