Coleman BlackOut is Best

It’s already festival season and with the school holidays so nearly here it’s time for some summer adventures. Long days and fun in the sun can mean tired and grumpy children and partners. I get asked every year my tips for fuss-free family camping and my first response is always my Coleman BlackOut tent, its an absolute game changer. Sunrise is about 4am at this time of the year and if you’re a light sleeper like me and Wilba that’s game over!

BlackOut in Pinto Mountain 5 Plus XL – see how dark they are vs light living area

Coleman BlackOut Bedroom™ tents block 99% of daylight which I can happily vouch for. It’s almost pitch black in there and we’ve easily slept in untill 8 or 9 o’clock in ours without realising. Also by blocking out the external light, Coleman BlackOut Bedroom™ tents also keep the sun’s heat at bay on a hot summer’s day. This technology helps to regulate your temperature while you sleep by keeping the temperature inside 5°C cooler during the day and 1°C warmer at night. Which, for me and my internal thermostat problems is just as important as having a dark sleeping area when it comes to getting a good night’s rest.

Coleman BlackOut

There are lots of copycats out there with bedrooms made with a dark fabric but none that I’ve found yet who can compete with Coleman BlackOut Bedrooms™. They’re created using a specially designed coating on the flysheet which ensures that 99% of daylight is blocked from entering the sleeping area of the tent.

Why Coleman BlackOut?

Coleman’s patented BlackOut Bedroom™ technology is now in a wide range of their tents which is great news! We have two in the range, The Pinto Mountain 5 plus XL which is great for longer family adventures with its generous living area and tunnel design, but for festivals it has to be the Coleman Octagon BlackOut. Here’s why we love it…

1) It’s so quick to get up which means more time to enjoy the festival! The bag is on wheels and I can do it easily on my own while Andy entertains the kids. It’s ideal for two or three night stays. And like our other Coleman tent, it all fits back into the bag without too much folding fuss.

2) The overal footprint isn’t too big either. Essential for busy family festivals where space is limited. Yet the height of it means you don’t feel cramped.

3) The shape and design is sturdy, we’ve been in a number of storms during our festival exploits and the Octagon BlackOut stands firm and keeps you safe and dry. The poles are light, robust and easy to put together too.

4) The BLACKOUT, have I mentioned the BlackOut bedroom? Total game-changer!

5) The view. I’m a nosey parker and when you open the side walls you have a full 360° view of your surroundings and what the kids are up to.

Coleman BlackOut

Octagon BlackOut Specification

Number of Sleeping rooms: 1

Sleeping area size: 15.7m²

Inner Fabric: Breathable Polyester, Polyester PU coated, No-see-um mesh

Groundsheet Material: PE, welded, fully integrated

Outer Fabric: Polyester, PU coated, Fire retardant

Water Column (mm): 4500mm

Pack Size: 85cm x 30cm x 30cm

Weight: 29.8kg

RRP: £449.99

Take a look at Coleman’s webpage for even more detail here…

I hope thats been helpful. Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have in the comments bloe. You can also see the other tent reviews here. To view Coleman’s full range of BlackOut Bedroom™ tents, please click here.