Half term activities you can do at home.

The Lockdown has rendered my usual roundup obsolete so instead here’s some Half term activities you can do at home. Stay home, Stay safe.

Nerf gun target assault course

Why not create targets on the back of boxes and number them with points. When your targets are complete set them out in any safe indoor or outdoor space and then get kitted up (you know I love a bit of dress up) and go for it. You could set time Challenges or go on points. If you haven’t got any Nerf guns rolled up socks are great grenades!

Time Capsule

We’ve been meaning to do this one since the last lockdown. Finally we’ve got some time over half term to make a time capsule. All you’ll need is an old biscuit tin or metal box (quality street tubs are perfect). Put some press cuttings, pictures, notes, toilet roll 😊anything about your lockdown life and bury it in the garden or a secret place in your home for future generations to discover… or you in 10 years time! Just remember where your buried it !


I have fond memories as a child of my mum creating tents in the house using the garden umbrella or sheets and there’s no better place to have your lunch then in a fort you’ve created. Add twinkly fairy lights for a bit of magic and lots of pillows from the couch to make it comfy. Follow it up with a movie afternoon and popcorn or treat yourself to a chocolate delivery from ‘Just got snacked!’

Calming Bottle

If you’re feeling a bit crafty this is a nice easy one and very therapeutic to calm the kids down, if all that valentines choc has them orbiting the living room. All you have to do is fill 3/4 of an empty plastic bottle with water add some washing up liquid or liquid soap and then add some different colour glitters. Turn the bottle upside down and watch the glitter swirl and swish through the liquid.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are great for indoor or outdoor fun and can be easily made by yourself or your children. Build your scavenger hunt around a colour a shape or even a season. A great indoor scavenger hunt is using the alphabet. The challenge is to find an object for each letter. This one will have them stumped for at least half an hour. Want something a bit more academic? How about a literary scavenger hunt. Give them the book, chapter, and page to find a secret word! Do a few to make up a secret sentence!

Covid Bucket list

We’re not going to be in lockdown forever so your family to think about all the things you want to do when the restrictions are lifted. Put them on a piece of paper and pop them in a jar. Once lockdown is lifted bring that Jar back out and start planning all those wishes and trips. They don’t have to be extravagant my first one is going to be to hug my mum!

International Evening

Chef cookie started life as a character for a themed evening. He’s been living with us ever since! Create your own international evening. Cook a traditional meal, dress up, decorate, make a cocktail (oh yeah) listen to some music and push back the furniture to learn the national dance. Not feeling that energetic watch a international film. Destinations could include France, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Hawaii Scotland or Mexico .

Britain’s Next Top Model

This is one of Wilba’s favourite things to do. Put on some clothes or a costume, the sillier the better. Then line your teddies up if there’s nobody else to watch you and create a catwalk to your favourite music. You could create your own Spotify play list I recommend ‘Sissy that walk’.

Move over Spielberg

Recreate your favourite Movie scene using props you have at home and homemade costumes.The more obscure the better. Learn the lines and the moves then record your efforts. Can your parents guess the movie? How about sending the short clip to grandparents to see if they can do the same.

Disco Dudes

Dim the lights and dig out  the Christmas bulbs or the disco ball. Create a playlist on Spotify and have your very own Kitchen disco. Mum and Dad dancing is allowed. Search YouTube for some dance tutorials or ‘Just Dance’ party games or how about a bit of karaoke to really get the party started.


I know I go on about this one all the time but we love to Geocache and it makes our walks so much more fun for the kids. Just download the app for free for the limited version or you can purchase a monthly contract which opens up a lot more of the caches. Don’t forget to take a pencil with you or even some small swap-ables for the bigger cashes. If you can get really into it you can track certain caches online to see where in the world they may have been.

I hope you enjoyed my Half term activities you can do at home. Don’t forget if you choose to spend this half term just catching up on some TV that’s fab too! Be kind to yourselves. Please check out my Instagram for daily updates and click here for more isolation ideas and articles on the blog.