Dippy’s Halloween Days


Yesterday we returned to our beloved Roarr for Dippy’s Halloween Days. This is a popular yearly event which runs from the 24th of October to the 1st of November.

Rainy Days

We went on a drizzly day but with the indoor play reopened, (1hr time slots) Bobble- de-Boop the Witch crafts in Dippy-Ville and a very dense forest to walk through on the dinosaur trail we managed to dry off in- between showers. There’s no such thing as bad weather if you have a positive attitude and a coat of course.

Zombie Burger
ice cream

Under cover seating was at a premium for our picnic but we seemed to luck out while the kids enjoyed the tunnel slides. I’m still gutted I didn’t try one of the special Zombie burgers as they looked scrummy and you cant go wrong with the Fish and chips here! Ice cream is always essential though no matter the weather.

High Ropes

The highlight of Dippys Halloween Days for the boys was the Predator High ropes, which is all included in the entry price. I love the new booking system it means you can turn up at your allocated time and cuts out all the queuing. Just make sure you go down at the beginning of the day to ensure you get a time slot of your choice.

Vincent The Vampire
The Crypt

Vincent The Vampire made use of The Crypt which is usually used for Primevil. I’m so sorry that it had to be cancelled this year ( Lucy and I love it) but completely understand, Roarr always puts its customers safety first. Vincent told some lovely spooky stories to the children with audience participation. The times are located next to the tunnel slides at the end of Dinomite. (softplay)

Curse of the Werewolf

The busiest attraction was in the maze, which has been taken over by ‘The Curse of the Werewollf’. You are challenged with helping the Dinomite gang investigate whether werewolves are real or not. It’s basically like a little Primevil walk through led by an actor who interacts with your bubble. Our Dinomite gang member was Lauren. She was fantastic and didn’t rush the kids at all. She got them all involved and we all ran for the hills at the end. I’d recommend going at the beginning of the day as its very popular.

Coming Soon

It is such a great day out and lovely to see so many guests dressing up and getting involved. If you haven’t booked your tickets be quick they are selling fast. Tickets for Father Christmas are open too so head to the website here to find out more.

Have a Spooktacular time at Dippys Halloween Days Crumblers

Disclaimer *After years of being a season ticket holder I’m proud to be an Ambassador for Roaar and received complimentary admission but as always the words are my own.