Escape Hunt Norwich

escape hunt

On Sunday we left the kids in Uncle Ashley’s capable hands and skipped merrily to Escape Hunt Norwich for an hour of kid free fun, well 36mins!


Escape Hunt Norwich is located at the front of the Chantry or what was Chappelfield in the old Cafe rouge building. Its swanky interior and neon sign are not easily missed. I’ts only been open six weeks and as you would imagine its spotless inside and very Covid safety conscious.


We plumped for the traditional Alice in Wonderland escape room, but there’s virtual games too and a Doctor Who room coming soon. We were taken to our special area by our host Lauren who was fab throughout. There’s nothing worse than being in an escape room and hearing the voice of a staff member who’s clearly not having as much fun as you. It kills the vibe. Lauren was informative, clear and kept in character during the whole game, which really added to the experience.

Covid Clean

After listening to the rules and securing our coats and valuables in our own locker, we entered the game. Now, Lucy and I have done many an escape room and I can honestly say this was the most colourful and high end. Most of the room was fixed so Lucy couldn’t destroy as much as usual. I would imagine easier to clean ( which they do after every game) then rooms with lots of loose furniture and bits and pieces.

The Plot

I don’t want to spoil the adventure for you, but I will say it has a lovely linear plot, which was good for smaller groups and Andy’s first time. The room is suitable for 8 years and up and I think The Boy would have loved it. We smashed it in 36 mins, after Lucy managed to drop a key (sorry guys) so its very achievable but if you want something a little tougher I’ve heard the WW2 room ‘Our Finest Hour’ is more of a challenge. Book Here.

Can you beat our time? let me know in comments.

*We were kindly gifted our game in return for this review but as always the words are my own.