A Circus Carol, Norwich Playhouse review

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A Circus Carol

This is the second time I’ve seen the Dickens classic in a fortnight but never like this. A Circus Carol at the Norwich Playhouse is not your average adaptation. Its an interesting bit of avant-garde theatre. The likes of which you would expect to see in bohemian London or at the fringe and now graces the Norwich stage. Myself and Ruth from RocknRollerbaby went to check out our own theatrical stomping ground on opening night.

The Norwich Playhouse

The intimate Playhouse stage is used creatively and skillfully to showcase the various acrobatic feats, juggling, aerials and tumbling. Lost in Translation Circus are very character driven from Massimiliano Rossetti humorous and lovable persona to the darker talents of Actor turned circus performer Laurence Swaddle. A Circus Carol has the rawness of a traditional contemporary circus. Those uneasy moments of suspense accompanied with deep gasps of breaths but with a clear theatrical context.

The Norwich Playhouse
What to expect?

The abridged versions plays true to the Dickens classic with visits from the three ghosts but Tiny Tim doesn’t get a mention and is not missed, sorry Tim. Instead there are some fantastic skillful moments of Circus artistry and a warm humour throughout. The 70 minute production is a great pre-evening conversation starter and suitable for all ages.

Musical Master

Scrooge navigates the story well and the physical language is so strong I could almost do without some of the other scripted moments. One of the most magical moments for me though was watching the pure brilliance of Peter Reynolds who provides a live soundtrack to the show. He uses recording technology to layer instrumentation as the performance plays out. Mixing electronica with voice, saxophone and even an accordion. My mum would be in awe. He responds magnificently to moments on stage that aren’t always planned but isn’t intrusive. Impressive given he’s seated on stage left in full view. I found my eyes wandering now and again and he was always enjoying the performance as much as the audience watching.

How to Book

At just £15 pound for the top ticket price you’d be a fool not to support these local hero’s and their exciting collaboration. The production is on until Saturday. Don’t forget to get there early and have a drink in the ambient Playhouse bar, before taking your seats in the warmest big top I’ve ever been to. Check out my other reviews here. Have fun Crumblers.


*Disclaimer: I was gifted a ticket for the purpose of this review but as always my words are my own.