Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary

We’ve had a lot of fun this week with The Storyteller’s dictionary, it was made alongside the same people that brought you Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania as well as educational professionals.
What we Think
The boy has looked up his spellings and found other synonyms which has really stretched his understanding and vocabulary. He’s also used it to write a lovely poem to Santa, awwwwww!
It’s so comprehensive though that I’ll be using it as well , and I already have to write a little poem on my Insta grid ( go check it out if you haven’t already) I found the categories really easy to navigate, sections like ‘stuffed meal words’ are always necessary in my writing!
Schools Out
The Storytellers Dictionary is aimed at children aged 7+, but they also do a product for ages 2-4 for  mum’s with younger ones with similar content and the same illustrators and learning style. The illustrations are really fun and humorous which will encourage young writers to explore and learn independently. Which in turn should boost reading and writing confidence.
Obviously this isn’t an Oxford dictionary with every English word known to man but the 4000 that have been selected will allow your little Shakespeare’s to become great Storyteller’s
Some words young writers will know, while others will be completely new.
As a teacher and blogger my world revolves around stories.
Stories are how people communicate, socially and at work. Developing strong, word-rich story skills at a young age , will pay dividends for years to come, the boy can already tell a tall tale or two if you know what I mean😉 and now he’ll be able to elaborate even further 🙄😂 Gawd help us all!
The Money Off
Jokes aside, This would be a really lovely Christmas or birthday present for any child at school age and comes in a colourful hardback book, it’s really been well put together and you can see and feel the quality. Plus as it’s Christmas the lovely people at Mrs Wordsmith have given me a code to get you an extra 10% off. Just add COOKIECRUMBLESUK which can be used for ANYTHING on their website so it’s worth taking a look just in case something else takes your fancy. What are you waiting for… click here.
Happy story telling Crumblers !