Adventure Day Hacks

Adventure Day Hacks… Being a farmers’ daughter, holidays away from home were very rare growing up. To make up for it we use to do what we called “Adventure Days”, mostly to a beach and nearly always in Norfolk. Mum would load up the car which seemed to take ages (as everything does when your 10) and off we would go armed only with dads map, page 42 (Norfolk) bent down permanently.

It was not uncommon to just get in and go for a mystery drive, stumbling across a Farmers’ Market, a village fete or if luck would have it… a fair!

Whatever the destination we always seemed well prepared, thanks mainly to mum’s big bag of tricks! And so, after quite a few Adventure Days of my own I’m going to share what usually end up in mine.

Bags of Room

Always pack a back-pack. Better than any nappy-bag, shoulder bag or hold-all. It keeps you hands-free when the kids’ are running wild or when you need to hold a hand. Plus I think double-straps are back in fashion so there’s little back-ache the next day too.

If you want to share the load then the children’s back-packs with a lead are really good. They provide a bit of security especially if like mine they sometime pose a flight-risk.

Core Essentials

Wet wipes: These should be first thing in the bag. Even if you’ve got older kids, things can get messy and all good adventure days end with an ice cream.

Plastic bags (or nappy bags): A great way to re-use all those bags you keep forgetting to take to the supermarket, a plastic bag can provide the answer to many problems. Wet clothes, a dirty nappy, an amazing shell, rock or stick collection, dog poo, you name it!

Hats and sun cream: The great British weather is always a changing and you never know when the sun’s going to show its face so for this reason always have a good selection tucked into the front seat pockets/pouches.

Plastic ponchos: Not the most fashionable but I always have a couple of these shoved inside my ruck-sack. Ideal for an impromptu log-flume or water ride, or if that great British weather changes again.

Change of clothes: A must if you’re in the middle of potty training and even afterwards. You’ll never know how they manage to find the wettest and muddiest puddle in the middle of a heatwave but they will. And while you’re at it, keep a few spares in your boot for yourself too. Those knee-high waves catch us all out at some point.

Snacks: Nice and simple… Hangry kids are not fun!

Water bottle: I always carry a water bottle or two as it’s easy to ask for a no-shame refill from a pub or kiosk when out and about.

Mini Tomato Sauce: Save the planet and your purse from messy sauce sachets with a small bottle of Tommy K.

Picnic blanket: In the summer these are really useful especially when it’s difficult to get a picnic table. They also double as a changing mat or a towel in extreme situations!

Pocket kite or ball: Cheap items that provide hours of fun (the plastic bag will come in handy for carrying the ball home) 

Beach Extras

Fitted bed sheet: A great little hack for the beach. Put bags in all four corners to create a baby play-pen free of sand!

Talcum powder: Vital for removing sand without tears at the end of a busy day playing.

Bucket and spade: obviously!

I hope you’ve found this useful. If all else fails make sure you’ve got your wallet!

Have I missed anything? What are your Adventure Day Hacks? 😂😘🍪