Button Bag Review

Get Crafty!

I love buying from small businesses usually because the product itself is far superior to the big brands and because of all the care and attention that goes into it . It’s Made by someone who is passionate about creating something for others to enjoy. As a keen up-cycler and crafty person I was really excited for the kids to try out button bags but wasn’t so sure they would step away from their screens long enough to do it . I’m happy to report I was very wrong, as soon as they arrived in their lovely little colourful button cases they were desperate to get in them and make them straight away!


Buttonbag is a young innovative company breathing new life into old crafts by updating them in a fresh, contemporary way. Since founding the company in 2007, Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks have graduated from a stall at London’s Greenwich market to a network of more than 200 stockists across the country. In 2008 they moved production from their kitchen tables to a design and manufacturing studio in the heart of London’s old traditional textile district in the East End. Wilba was sent the rainbow friends dolls pack which although for 4+ was able to make the dolls quite successfully with a little help from me and actually it was really nice to do it together. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and allow you to choose your own colours of hair, dress and sequins . Everything you need is in the box and cut to size , so there’s no disappointment when mummy makes a wrong cut, only to find its not long enough to compete the job, resulting in some very bizarre proportioned creations ( true story ). The boys case was ‘puppy love’ and contained a kit to make 3 felt puppies …..stuffed, it was suitable for 8+ as it has needles but this was clearly advertised on the box and even though he’s 6 was suitably challenging and with help was able to create his dog called “bono” 😂 we’re not even U2 fans! I believe packs range from 4- 8+ years but there’s craft ideas for adults advertised to! Ethan sat for ages sewing his dog and even though he got frustrated a couple of times he was so proud when he finished and is planning on giving it to nanny as a present for Xmas . Obviously the boy sees us giving gifts but what a lovely idea to be able to make a gift for nanny that looks “proper” and that he thinks you could buy in a shop🤗 We really enjoyed this little craft kit and think the price is very reasonable to, especially when you can get 25% off at the moment if you sign up to their newsletter, that makes them under a tenner !!! Surely that’s Christmas sorted for all the kids in the family ! 😘 Visit https://www.buttonbag.co.uk for more details 😘🍪