At Christmas we found mould on Wilbas wall which meant her old wallpaper had to come down as it was saturated and peeling off. We had to do a lot of work getting the wall back up to scratch first cleaning with mould cleaner, sanding and then painting with Ronseal anti-mould paint. Wilba’s wall definitely needed something after all that… Enter the fantastic WallpaperMural.com

WallpaperMural.com provide premium, self-adhesive wallpaper & wall murals. I felt confident even before ordering as my sisiter Lucy had already ordered from WallpaperMural.com for her dining room wall which looks absolutely beautiful. For their design they’d gone for a very modern, mono-tone mural which suited their home and decór. Her delivery was quick and the customer service was excellent too, so the only thing I was worried about was my old wonky walls!


Ordering is easy. Simply choose your pattern online, measure the hight and width required and fill in the details. Remember to measure a couple of locations to make sure you get the maximum wall size, so even wonky walls can be catered for! Unlike other companies, the chosen pattern is then configured to best-suit the wall size given. 3cm is added to all sides of the finished print for extra piece-of-mind and ease of installation. Can’t decide? Samples can be ordered online or you can even ask about custom designs too.

Wallpapermural.com boast fast worldwide shipping with premium HD wallpaper murals printed and shipped in 2-5 business days. The wallpaper is handcrafted and you can tell by its premium feel that it’s hard wearing. If after a while you fancy a change or your child decides ‘clouds’ aren’t for them anymore, the peel-and-stick application works equally as well in reverse with no leftover chunks, steaming or scraping needed. It’s also a great option for rented accomodation!


wallpapermural.com delivery

The mural is delivered in a simple carboard tube with tissue paper and one simple roll of instructions. Fuss-free packaging and sustainable wallpaper, I’m impressed. The rolls are all in order and numbered on the reverse for easy application. Take your time and you shouldn’t get it wrong. We’re not expert decorators so rest assured it can be done with very little experience required.


plumb line

Andy spent ages looking for a big spirit level but in the time it took him I’d created my very own plumb line. Sounds fancy? Not really, just a piece of string with a weight at the end allows gravity to make a nice staight verticle line to mark on the wall as guide. Perfect if the walls are wobbly like mine.

wallpaper installation

I started on the left of the wall but lined the first panel up to the plumb line. From that it was pretty easy to just line each piece up according to the print. We chose ‘Opalescence’ which was quite a relaxed pattern but I still managed to line it up accurately.

You’ll notice I’ve said “I”… turns out the ‘wallpaper life’ isn’t for Andy which again is testament to the ease at which the mural can be hung as I did it on my own! There’s a handy video and how-to guide online to check out before you get started.


craft knife

What’s great about WallpaperMural.com is that you don’t need to go and buy a load of expensive tools or kit to get this job done well. The suggested tool kit includes

  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Felt applicator (or credit card and cloth!)
  • Sharp utility or craft knife

A credit card and cloth worked equally well to help smooth out the sheets and as already mentioned, a home-made plumb line did the job in place of the spirit level. A sharp utility (Stanley) knife is a must though to make sure you get those crisp edges. I did purchase one of those fancy ‘wheeled’ paper-cutters but found it tricky to use and resorted to the Stanley knife.

WallpaperMural.com Top Tips

plug socket

Don’t forget to unscrew sockets and light switches first. I forgot and then had to hault proceedings while this got sorted. You can use a normal envelope cut to paper around sockets. Heres a simple tutorial envelope cuts.

Take your time over the first step. Carefully align the right hand side edge to your vertical line, measured out as per the instructions, and evenly distribute the sheet top and bottom. Due to our varying wall height I left about 4cm at the top for trimming.

Slowly pull the backing paper off and apply light pressure in stages about a foot at a time. Make sure the paper is aligned/butted up tight, then smooth out air-pockets and repeat.

Don’t panic! If the position isn’t perfect carefully peel back and stick down again. This happened a few times to me with no ill effect.

Final Thoughts on WallpaperMural.com

children's room

I’m so pleased with the look, it adds a great burst of colour to the room with no messy wallpaper paste, tables or brushes to clean. Wilba absolutely loves it and says it looks more grown up. We re-attached the cloud-shelf into the existing rawl plugs that you could just about see/feel underneath the paper. It’s a good tip to get any fixings done before applying the mural to avoid any mishaps with drills.

The material is much stronger than traditional wallpaper. It allowed for a very tidy trimmed edge (with a sharp blade) that looks much neater than the previous wallpaper.

Thanks so much to wallpapermural.com for such an easy process. I’m aready looking at what other walls can be instantly transformed around the house and especially in the Store Room.

If you’d like any more information head to www.wallpapermural.com

Disclaimer – gifted product but as always my words are my own.